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How can I recover faster?

  • Do your home program. Practising exercises at home will accelerate your recovery
  • Follow recommendations for safe activities
  • Wear your splint as prescribed
  • Attend your appointments
  • Commit to your recovery goals

What is Hand Therapy?

Hand Therapy uses a variety of therapy techniques to address injuries of the hand, wrist and elbow.

  • Some examples of treatments include:
  • Custom-made splints to protect your injury and allow you to use your hand safely during your recovery. Splints may also be used to stretch stiff joints and increase movement.
  • Education about your injury and advice on when and how to return to normal activities
  • Wound care using dressings that allow you to start moving your hand as soon as possible after your injury or surgery.
  • Soft tissue massage to improve pain and increase movement
  • Movement Exercises to keep you moving or regain lost movement
  • Strengthening exercises to get you back to sport or work safely
  • Bandaging to reduce swelling and improve pain and movement
  • Prescription of scar treatments to improve movement or reduce sensitivity