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What is Hand Therapy?

What is Hand Therapy?

Hand Therapy uses a variety of therapy techniques to address injuries of the hand, wrist and elbow.

Some examples of treatments include:

  • Custom-made splints to protect your injury and allow you to use your hand safely during your recovery. Splints may also be used to stretch stiff joints and increase movement.
  • Education about your injury and advice on when and how to return to normal activities
  • Wound care using dressings that allow you to start moving your hand as soon as possible after your injury or surgery.
  • Soft tissue massage to improve pain and increase movement
  • Movement Exercises to keep you moving or regain lost movement
  • Strengthening exercises to get you back to sport or work safely
  • Bandaging to reduce swelling and improve pain and movement
  • Prescription of scar treatments to improve movement or reduce sensitivity

What is an Accredited Hand Therapist?

An Accredited Hand Therapist (as awarded by the AHTA) is an AHPRA registered physiotherapist or occupational therapist who:

  • Is committed to the Relevant Code of Conduct and Statement of Ethical Practice
  • Engages in ongoing education and remains current in their practice
  • Can be subject to a complaints and disciplinary process if required as well as annual audits
  • Has meet the requirements for the Award of the AHT credential based on 100% assessable standards of practice and mentorship

How can I accelerate my recovery?

  • Do your home program. Practising exercises at home will accelerate your recovery
  • Follow recommendations for safe activities
  • Wear your splint as prescribed
  • Attend your appointments
  • Commit to your recovery goals